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Channel Liner Tool.

Easily removes & installs channel liner in glock slides.

Made to precise dimension. Easy to use. Will not damange slide.

The glock slide firing pin channel has a part installed in it which is called a channel liner, it is a tubular shaped plastic liner. It's duty is to lessen wear on the firing pin spring and spring cups. When it needs to be replaced from wear, damage or when slide is refinished our tool will easily remove and replace the channel liner.

For removal simply screw threaded end into liner, place an oem armorer's tool or similar tool through the hole in the liner tool and simply pull liner out.

For installation simply place the new liner on the unthreaded end of the tool (unbeveled end of liner goes on the tool first), then simply push new liner into slide channel until it seats at breech end of channel.

Our channel liner tool is made from premium grade stainless steel.

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