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The main benefit when using our stainless channel liner is the increase of firing pin speed. The firing pin will hit primers harder when increasing firing pin speed, which will help to eliminate light primer strikes, which is the main goal and reason for using our stainless steel liner. The increase of F.P. speed is also a benefit when using lighter F.P. springs.

Our S.S. liner will allow the firing pin to travel with greater speed by reducing friction between the inner liner wall, firing pin spring and spring cups.

Our S.S. liner will stay smooth with use, unlike some plastic liners.

Our S.S. liner will increase F.P. speed 25% to 30%.

Trigger pull weight is reduced 1 to 4 ounces.

Easy installation, no tools are needed for installation and removal.


Stainless Steel Channel Liner.

Increase The Firing Pin Speed.

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